Cannabis Dispensary near New Hampshire

Road Trip Cannabis Dispensary located in Salisbury, MA

Welcome to RoadTrip Dispensary located at 191 Lafayette Road in Salisbury, MA! Just feet away from the New Hampshire border! Here’s everything you need to know as a New Hampshire resident looking to purchase cannabis in Massachusetts:


Legality in New Hampshire:

Currently, recreational use of cannabis is not legal in New Hampshire.


Can NH Residents Buy Cannabis in Massachusetts?

Yes, according to Massachusetts state law, residents of New Hampshire can purchase adult-use/recreational cannabis in Massachusetts. However, it’s essential to note that transporting cannabis across state borders to New Hampshire is illegal.


Expectations When Visiting from NH:

Planning a roadtrip to our dispensary from New Hampshire? Expect a welcoming environment, knowledgeable staff, and a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products. 


Where to Buy in Massachusetts:

For New Hampshire residents seeking to purchase cannabis legally, RoadTrip Dispensary is your go-to spot. Located in Salisbury, MA, we provide top-notch products and exceptional customer service. Shop now and experience the difference!


Dispensaries in New Hampshire:

While there are no recreational dispensaries in New Hampshire, there are several medical marijuana dispensaries operating in the state.


Getting Here from New Hampshire:

If you’re traveling from New Hampshire, our Salisbury location is easily accessible. Depending on your starting point, the journey may take approximately [insert estimated time and distance from major cities in New Hampshire].

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